If you have a simple question for the Expert Editor, here’s the place to post it. More complicated needs may require professional help!

Below please find some FAQs regarding my work.

Q. How long does it take to work on a project?

A. It depends on the length and complexity of your project. Anything up to 75 pages requires 5 full business days. Anything longer than 75 pages requires 10 full business days. Some exceptions may apply.

Q. What kinds of mistakes or issues do you correct?

A. I correct whatever needs help in your paper or book? Grammar, typos, margins, page numbers, style, syntax, formatting, citations, references, table of contents, etc… Basically, if something needs to be fixed, I’ll fix it. The only thing I cannot do is author new work, e.g., add text to bolster an argument, but I will rewrite a sentence to improve it.

Q. Can you mail a hardcopy of my paper to my school?

A. Yes, I can. I carry plain printer paper as well as 20#, white, watermarked, 25% cotton rag paper for binding. Just tell me where to send it and I’ll mail it for you. Time and mailing fees will apply.

Q. What if I don’t live in Fresno?

A. That is no problem. All you have to do is pay me a deposit via mail or paypal and send me a copy of a signed contract and I can get started. If you email me your paper I will edit it fully and email back to you a copy, once final payment is received, that is ready to submit to your committee or professor.

Q. What is the difference between FORMATTING and EDITING?

A. FORMATTING essentially has to do with appearance. It involves checking the front matter (title page, signature page, table of contents, etc.), headings, pagination, spacing, margins, citations and references (accuracy of information and matching between the text and references).  EDITING involves the reading of your paper, line by line, for grammar, spelling, clarity, syntax, etc. I recommend both services since the written word is prone to undetected errors.

E-mail: experteditor@att.net