Below is a list of the usual steps taken through a project. Exceptions can be made to suit your individual needs.

STEP 1: Initial contact for editing services. A quote/estimate can be provided based upon specific information about your draft.

STEP 2: Receipt of final copy to edit, usually via Email.

STEP 3: Copy is reviewed for general completeness and any requests for needed documentation is communicated.

STEP 4: Copy is reviewed for all formatting and editing needs (tables/figures/appendices/front matter/citations/references/content/spacing/grammar/punctuation/pagination, etc…).

STEP 5: A review copy is provided for student to review and return with any questions/issues addressed, ideally within 24-48 hours.

STEP 6: Hardcopy is entirely reviewed for any remaining errors/issues.

STEP 7: Copy is reviewed one last time for general appearance and content.

STEP 8: Notification of completion is given and request for final payment is made. Final payment allows for the release of the final copy for submission. A digital copy is archived for 6 months.